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Hilary Benn interview: A country that shuts the door to the world has no future

Amid the turbulence in Westminster, The Parliamentary Review’s Thomas Wilson sat down with Hilary Benn to get a sense of where he thinks politics is headed.

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Jonny Wilkinson addresses the Review gala on World Mental Health Day

Former England captain and Rugby World Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson spoke at The Parliamentary Review gala on World Mental Health Day last year, discussing how his life was changed by injuries and success, and the subsequent effects on his mental health.

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Indeed are a global HR and technology company with a simple but powerful mission: “we help people get jobs”. Over 7,000 global employees are dedicated to this vision, and it drives every decision that they make as a company. They are the world’s number-one job site and have 250 million unique visitors. UK Managing Director Bill Richards explains how their model of “one search for all jobs” has democratised access to opportunities, and how they continue to streamline the process for both jobseekers and employers.

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Bob Blackman MP: "For too long customers have been ripped off"

Writing for The Parliamentary Review, Bob Blackman MP argues for the need to reform the leasehold system and summarises the recommendations of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee of which he is part.

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Rules is London’s oldest restaurant, founded in 1789, the same year Napoleon began his campaign in Egypt. Thomas Rule founded the restaurant as an oyster bar in Covent Garden and it has remained on the same site ever since. It has only been under the ownership of three families throughout its history, with John Mayhew, the current owner, purchasing it from the Bell family in 1984. Managing Director Ricky McMenemy tells The Parliamentary Review how its rich heritage and penchant for pushing boundaries have survived for over 200 years.

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Dame Cheryl Gillan: I hope all MPs will receive autism training

Following the establishment of the first ever autism training session for MPs, we spoke to Dame Cheryl Gillan, MP for Chesham and Amersham and staunch advocate of raising awareness of autism around Westminster.

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Contributed to by leading politicians.

"This year’s Parliamentary Review follows a significant year in British politics. It was a year in which our economy continued to grow, as the Government followed its balanced plan..."

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP
The Parliamentary Review 2016/17

"It is only by making sustained increases to our productivity that we can deliver the higher wages that will increase living standards and fund the improvement of our public services"

The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP
The Parliamentary Review 2016/17

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