News | Published March 20 2018

Lord Blunkett joins The Parliamentary Review 

Lord Blunkett has been appointed co-chairman of The Parliamentary Review.

Blunkett, who served as education secretary, home secretary and work and pensions secretary in Tony Blair's Labour government, will work alongside existing chairman Sir Eric Pickles, the former Conservative communities secretary, to help further the Review’s aim of raising industry standards by sharing best practice.

The Parliamentary Review is proud of its independence and having a widely respected figure, from both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, as co-chairmen helps to foreground its non-partisan nature. 

The Review has already featured forewords from Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green Party MPs over the years. 

Lord Blunkett
  • Co-chairman of The Parliamentary Review 2018-
  • Work & Pensions secretary 2005-2005
  • Home secretary 2001-2004
  • Education secretary 1997-2004
  • MP for Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough 1987-2010

"I am extremely pleased to be joining The Parliamentary Review as co-chairman, " said Blunkett.

"I hope to be able to bring experience not only from the 20 years in the House of Commons and now in the House of Lords, but also from a wider perspective, nationally and internationally.

"The importance of The Parliamentary Review to the wider business community is self-evident. The understanding of and ability to be able to relate to the political arena has never been more vital. Everything around us, events of the last three years and present circumstances, reinforce this on a daily basis.

"But it is also important to have an interchange, where those in the formal political arena understand business, and business appreciates the challenges in a global economy of those working in the political arena nationally and in the devolved parliaments and 

 Having a widely respected figure from both the Conservative Party (Sir Eric Pickles) and the Labour Party (Lord Blunkett), as co-chairmen helps to foreground The Parliamentary Review's non-partisan nature

"English regional structures, as well as at local government level. I hope to be able to build on the progress already made in ensuring that The Parliamentary Review is a must for those who have the real story behind the scenes and a solid perspective of the future."

The Parliamentary Review's founder, Daniel Yossman, was effusive in his praise for the new chairman: “David (Blunkett) is one of those rare things in politics. He’s someone who is respected across Party political divides. This is a quality he shares with Sir Eric and the fact that they are now working in tandem will ensure that the articles written in the Review are listened to by politicians of all stripes. I am delighted to have David joining us.”

Sir Eric Pickles concurred. “I’ve known David for over thirty years, ever since I was the leader of Bradford Council and he was the leader of Sheffield Council. He’s had a very distinguished career and it’s an enormous pleasure to be sharing the chairmanship with him.”

Blunkett was an MP for over twenty three years and was a key figure of the Labour government that guided the country into the twenty-first century. Following Tony Blair's landslide victory in 1997, Blunkett was appointed secretary of state for education and employment. He spent four years in this role before being moved to the home office, which he led for a further three and a half years. Blunkett brings a wealth of experience to The Parliamentary Review and everyone at Westminster Publications looks forward to working with him.