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Chancellor to disclose financial aid for self employed

Rishi Sunak, chancellor of the exchequer, will unveil measures to aid self-employed workers facing the financial impact of coronavirus.

Quarter of a million volunteers sign up in a day to combat coronavirus

In a single day over 250,000 people signed up to volunteer with the NHS following a recruitment drive to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

House of Commons to vote on suspension of parliament to prevent coronavirus spread

Parliament is expected to close this evening following a vote on emergency laws to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Car firms switch to ventilator manufacture to aid coronavirus effort

Carmakers across the world have met government calls for help manufacturing face masks and ventilators during the coronavirus outbreak.

Prime minister outlines new measures to curb coronavirus spread

In his speech to the nation yesterday evening, prime minister Boris Johnson outlined the new measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Department for Transport suspends rail franchise agreements amid coronavirus outbreak

The government has promised that those who chose to stay at home amid the coronavirus outbreak will receive a refund on their season tickets.

MPs to debate emergency coronavirus legislation today

Health secretary, Matt Hancock has called those who ignored advice to cope with the coronavirus pandemic “very selfish”.

Reduced train timetables in response to coronavirus outbreak

From Monday train services across the country will be reduced in response to falling demand as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

65,000 retired nurses and doctors asked to return to the NHS to help with coronavirus effort

Thousands of retired nurses and doctors will receive letters asking them to return to the NHS to help cope with the country’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Key workers announced prior to school shutdown

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, schools across the UK will be closed from this afternoon.

Wage package rescue plan prepared by the chancellor

Rishi Sunak is expected to announce a wage subsidy plan amid the coronavirus pandemic in the hope of protecting millions of jobs.

Renters to be protected from eviction during coronavirus pandemic, Johnson promises

Emergency legislation to protect private renters will be brought forward by the government, according to prime minister, Boris Johnson.

Government to offer clarity regarding school closures

The government has assured teachers, pupils and parents they will provide more detail as to how the school closures will affect them.

Limits placed on essential items to prevent coronavirus stockpiling

In a move to prevent stockpiling, Sainsbury’s have promised to prioritise the elderly and vulnerable for online deliveries, in addition to limiting people from buying more than three of any item.

Government asked to do more to help renters during coronavirus pandemic

Following the introduction of plans to help companies the government is being asked to do more to help families and workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.