Joshua Sandiford

Joshua Sandiford

Junior Political Editor

Joshua Sandiford is one of The Parliamentary Review's online news contributors, reporting on the latest events in politics and business. Josh studies politics and economics at the University of Manchester and has distinguished himself as an investigative journalist during his time there.

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December election campaign officially begins

The main political parties will officially start campaigning today as voters prepare to go to the polls on December 12.

No.10 calls for election as MPs reject Brexit deal timetable

MPs have voted in favour of Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan but rejected his timetable to push all relevant legislation through in three days.

Parliament to meet for special Brexit sitting

Parliament is set to meet for a special Saturday sitting on October 19 to discuss the future of Brexit.

Referendum on Welsh independence by 2030, says Plaid Cymru leader

The leader of Plaid Cymru has said that there will a referendum on Welsh independence by 2030.

Scottish court to consider whether no-deal is now illegal

A Scottish judge has been asked to consider whether the prime minister could be arrested and sent to jail if he takes the UK out of the EU without a deal.

Half of all young people now attend university

Half of all young people in England are going to university for the first time, according to new figures from the Department of Education.

27% of secondary school pupils have private tutor

A social-mobility charity has called on the government to do more to ensure disadvantaged families have access to private tutoring.

Johnson to tell Juncker UK won't delay Brexit beyond Oct 31

Boris Johnson is set to tell Jean-Claude Juncker that the UK won't delay Brexit beyond October 31 at a meeting in Luxembourg later today.

Lib Dems pledge to cancel Brexit if they win general election

Leader Jo Swinson said the party would now “fight to stay” in the European Union after members overwhelmingly backed a shift in position at their party conference in Bournemouth.

Retailers across the country rolling out new anti-fraud measures

The measures, known as Strong Customer Authentication, ask shoppers to input a one-time passcode to complete an online transaction and have also been introduced by the likes of Apple.

Tory rebels warn Corybn over plan to stop no-deal

An independent MP, who has been instrumental in trying to block a no-deal Brexit, has written to Jeremy Corbyn reaffirming his commitment to do so via legislative means.

Swinson: Harman and Clarke ready to lead unity government

Ken Clarke and Harriet Harman are both prepared to lead a government of national unity to avoid a no-deal Brexit, Jo Swinson has claimed.

Corbyn urges opposition leaders to back him as caretaker PM

Jeremy Corbyn has reached out to opposition party leaders and Tory rebels, asking them to back him as a "caretaker" prime minister.

Hammond: Parliament can express view on no-deal

Philip Hammond has said he is “very confident” that the means exist for parliament to express its view on a no-deal exit from the European Union.

Number of empty shops reaches highest level in four years

The government has been urged to act after new industry figures revealed the number of empty shops in town centres is at its highest level in four years.