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Scott Challinor

Business Editor

Scott Challinor is a specialist in communications and works on the assembly of particular Parliamentary Review documents. He studied French and Spanish at Oxford University.

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Ten free ports to open in post-Brexit UK

The government has unveiled plans for up to ten free port zones to be introduced in the UK once Brexit has been finalised.

ERG will continue to vote down withdrawal agreement, Mark Francois warns

Prime minister Boris Johnson has been told by the European Research Group of Conservative MPs that around sixty backbench Conservative Brexiteers will vote down a withdrawal agreement even if the Irish backstop is removed.

Consumer confidence rises in July

According to new data, UK consumer confidence rose in July 2019 amid wage growth and low unemployment.

"EU's call" whether UK leaves with a deal, says Boris Johnson

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said that it is "up to the EU" as to whether the UK will leave the bloc with a deal on October 31.

Disadvantaged pupils "18 months behind" by time of GCSEs

Disadvantaged pupils, defined as those eligible for free school meals, are 18 months behind other pupils on average in terms of academic achievement according to a study by the Education Policy Institute.

Pound hits two year low against dollar

The pound has continued to drop in value as Boris Johnson’s government steps up preparations for a no-deal Brexit.

“Colossal” benefits to northern high-speed rail route, says prime minister

New prime minister Boris Johnson has said that a high-speed trans-pennine rail route between Leeds and Manchester will be delivered during a speech at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum.

Aspects of Brexit "cannot be mitigated", says CBI

The lobby group the Confederation of British Industry has said that both the UK and EU are unprepared for a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

Labour pledges to end privatisation of council services

The Labour party has revealed plans for legislation aimed at ending the private contracting of local services in anticipation of a general election in the autumn.

Increasing school funding is top priority, say headteachers

Gavin Williamson will be under pressure to raise funding for schools in England after Boris Johnson pledged to increase budgets on his first day in office.

Johnson pledges 20,000 new police officers in mass recruitment drive

New prime minister Boris Johnson is to press ahead with his promise to add 20,000 new officers to the police force in England and Wales, saying that the recruitment process will begin within weeks.

Boris Johnson unveils new cabinet

New prime minister Boris Johnson undertook a reshuffle of the cabinet on Wednesday during his first day at Number Ten, handing key positions to leading Brexiteers as he reaffirms his desire to leave the EU by October 31.

“The work begins now”: Boris Johnson makes first speech as prime minister

New Conservative leader and prime minister Boris Johnson declared that the “work begins now” on "changing the country for the better" as he made his first speech on the steps of Downing Street.

PAC criticises government over housing

The Public Accounts Committee has accused the government of failing to sell off enough land to build affordable and social housing, exacerbating the UK housing crisis.

IMF global growth projection down for 2019 and 2020

The International Monetary Fund has reduced its growth projections for the global economy for 2019 and 2020 in a new report.