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Scott Challinor

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Scott Challinor is a specialist in communications and works on the assembly of particular Parliamentary Review documents. He studied French and Spanish at Oxford University.

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Christmas at Chequers: December 1945

With the Second World War in Europe having finally drawn to a close in May of 1945, the Christmas of that year was one of hope, despite rationing remaining in force.

Christmas at Chequers: Boris Johnson set for first Christmas as prime minister

December 25 approaches. Thoughts turn toward opening presents on Christmas morning, tucking into a traditional Turkey dinner, eating chocolate and sipping sherry, with eyes and ears nationwide ready to tune in to the Queen’s address to the nation. However, after the advent period of 2019 was dominated by a snap general election, it begs the question: what does the prime minister actually do at Christmas?

Bank of England admits press conference audio leak

The Bank of England has admitted that an audio feed of its press conferences was leaked to hedge funds before the visual footage was broadcast, blaming one a supplier for “misuse” of the feed.

Queen’s Speech to set out domestic agenda on Thursday

The new Queen’s Speech will set out the Conservative government’s domestic agenda, which will include legislation on Brexit, criminal justice, and the NHS.

Bank of England begins consultation on climate change stress tests

The Bank of England has begun consultation on its proposed 2021 Biennial Exploratory Scenario [BES], which is intended to lay bare the risk of climate change to the financial system and how banks and insurers will react and adapt.

Sir Keir Starmer weighs up Labour leadership bid

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer has informed the BBC that he is “seriously considering” entering the running to become the next leader of the Labour party.

ONS: UK unemployment lowest since 1975

In the three months to October 2019, the unemployment rate in the UK fell to its lowest recorded level since January 1975 according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Water companies hit with record profit restrictions

Regulator Ofwat says that water firms across England and Wales will face the most stringent restrictions on investor dividends since privatisation first began 30 years ago, when its five-year plan for the sector enters force on April 1 2020.

Prime minister Boris Johnson to welcome new parliament

Newly re-elected prime minister Boris Johnson is set to address new Conservative MPs on Monday as they gather in Westminster to take up their parliamentary seats.

Pound sterling and shares go up in wake of election result

The value of pound sterling and shares have both seen an increase after Boris Johnson’s Conservatives secured a commanding majority in the general election.

Boris Johnson pays tribute to “historic election” victory after Tories secure commanding majority

Boris Johnson has paid tribute to the British electorate after the results of Thursday’s national poll delivered “a powerful new mandate” for a “One Nation Conservative government”.

Increasing insurance industry modernisation bodes well for firms such as VIPR Solutions

The UK insurance industry has been under increasing pressure to modernise in order to run more efficiently but also to ensure it is primed to respond to increasing amounts of regulation at political level.

Rise in book piracy gives weight to Williams Powell’s call on government to keep UK at forefront of IP laws

The development of new technology over the years has culminated in new challenges for the legal industry concerning property rights, such as patents, trademarks, designs and intellectual property. This is no more truer than in the film and music industries, where illegal downloading of content has caused significant losses for the sectors.

Spirotech Group handed major boost in 2019 as green light is given for new facility

Spirotech Group has been able to accelerate its plans for the future of innovation in the engineering profession after securing planning permission to begin constructing a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and head office in-between Peterborough and Cambridge, with the former turning blue today in the biggest Tory victory since Thatcher.

Shift to One Nation Conservatism could impact successful social enterprises like Wave Leisure Trust

The Wave Leisure Trust social enterprise has continued to build on its fine work over 2018-19, inspiring local East Sussex communities to engage in an active lifestyle on an ever-increasing scale, while also seeking to increase its eco-friendliness with new green initiatives.