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Scott Challinor

Business Editor

Scott Challinor is a specialist in communications and works on the assembly of particular Parliamentary Review documents. He studied French and Spanish at Oxford University.

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Government’s next move on shale gas significant for companies like PR Marriott Drilling

After the Conservatives were re-elected to government in December, a number of firms and environment campaigners will be anxious to discover whether the indefinite suspension on fracking is set to continue.

Banning plastic packaging could leave environment worse-off, according to report

A report from the cross-party Parliamentary group suggests that banning plastic packaging could do more harm than good to the environment in the long run.

Annual retail sales down for first time in quarter of a century, BRC says

The British Retail Consortium has revealed that retail sales have fallen for the first time since 1995 after a 0.1 per cent decline in total sales.

Ofsted pursues new diagnostic approach for struggling schools

Schools inspectorate body Ofsted is pursuing a new approach to dealing with schools which have consistently achieved poor outcomes.

Boris Johnson set for first meeting with new European Commission president

Newly re-elected prime minister Boris Johnson is to meet with Ursula von der Leyen, the new president of the European Commission, at Downing Street.

Symply one of numerous firms eyeing Conservative pledges on business rates and online sales tax

One of re-elected prime minister Boris Johnson’s high profile pre-election promises was to launch a review into the rates system and “reduce the overall burden” of business rates, which he revealed at the annual Confederation of British Industry conference back in November.

Javid sets March 11 date for first Budget

Chancellor Sajid Javid has announced that his first Budget in post will take place on March 11, 2020, with a promise to invest billions “across the country”.

Rebecca Long-Bailey announces candidacy for Labour leadership

Rebecca Long-Bailey has formally announced her entry into the Labour leadership contest.

Sensio Lighting demonstrates how business and education can collaborate on future-proofing

As industry in the UK and worldwide continues to develop with advancements in the use of technology and artificial intelligence, businesses are left with no choice but to innovate in order to future-proof themselves, while education is also under pressure to stay in touch.

Conservative plans for R and D tax breaks could benefit firms like European Technology Development Ltd

December saw Boris Johnson declare a “new dawn” as the Conservatives secured the biggest majority in Westminster since the 1987 election. As a new decade begins, the UK’s Brexit path is looking clearer but also much emphasis will be on Johnson’s domestic policies, how these may be implemented and what it will mean for Britain’s SMEs.

Timetabling and regulations to be finalised for Labour leadership contest

Labour’s National Executive Committee will convene on Monday to set the timetable and rules for the party’s upcoming leadership contest, including who will be eligible to vote in it.

Costs of HS2 “out of control”, Lord Berkeley says in report

Deputy chairman of the government commissioned HS2 review panel, Lord Berkeley, has published an independent “dissenting report” saying there is “overwhelming evidence” that the costs of the project have spiralled “out of control”.

Mandate for Indyref2 under dispute with Section 30 Order unlikely under Johnson ministry

While December’s general election yielded a significant victory for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, the outlook in Scotland could not have shown more of a contrast. The SNP increased its contingent of MPs in Westminster to 48, with the Tories losing more than half of their Scottish constituencies.

Government plans for free ports comes with pros and cons

Government plans were first announced back in August to launch up to ten free ports across the UK post-Brexit, which would allow firms to import and re-export goods outside of normal tax and customs rules. Now that the Conservatives have secured a majority, it could look to press on with introducing them.

Boris Johnson's education policy including £14 billion funds for schools likely to be one of his most scrutinised moves

After the Conservative ministries of David Cameron and Theresa May oversaw nine years of austerity measures, newly re-elected prime minister Boris Johnson has embarked on the challenge of reversing those public spending cuts, with one of his new spending pledges an additional £14 billion of extra funding for schools over three years.