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Scott Challinor

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Scott Challinor is a specialist in communications and works on the assembly of particular Parliamentary Review documents. He studied French and Spanish at Oxford University.

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Questions over Conservative pledge to provide “gigabit-capable” broadband to all by 2025

One of the pledges in the 2019 Conservative election manifesto was a repeat of a previous one – to kit out the whole UK with “gigabit-capable” broadband by the year 2025, and now with a majority in Boris Johnson’s hand, attentions turn to how this will be implemented.

Conservatives’ plans for green home upgrades must extend, according to experts

The Conservatives’ answer to Labour’s radical Green New Deal during the election campaign was to work toward a net-zero carbon target by 2050, and now Boris Johnson will seek to get the necessary work underway with his majority in hand.

Northern Powerhouse rail tops Tory transport priorities, but others likely to be addressed first

During the election campaign, Boris Johnson and the Conservative party prioritised a new rail link between Manchester and Leeds with regards to transport pledges. With a majority in parliament now secure, voters in the north of England within traditional Labour heartlands will now be eagerly awaiting the implementation of this promise.

More action needed in social care, but cross-party consensus is step in right direction

Newly elected prime minister Boris Johnson made a verbal pledge to solve the “crisis” facing adult social care on the steps of Downing Street back in August, and now with his majority in hand, attention will be turning to the manifesto promise that followed up on those words.

11-month timeframe to agree free-trade agreement with EU in 2020

After Boris Johnson successfully secured a Conservative majority in the national poll dubbed “the Brexit election” by Sky News, it is unsurprising that the prime minister will enact his manifesto pledge to get Brexit “done” by January 31, 2020.

Business still needs clarity on propsoed points-based immigration system and its implications

When it came to addressing immigration, the 2017 Conservative manifesto sought to reduce net migration to less than 100,000, a longstanding target which came under fire. In 2019, Boris Johnson abandoned this in favour of an Australian style points-based system, which would entice the “brightest and the best”.

Conservative policy to increase nurses by 50,000 called into question

Following the outcome of the December 12 general election which secured Boris Johnson’s Conservatives a sizeable majority, attention is now beginning to turn toward the outcome of his party’s policies, none more so than within the NHS.

Christmas at Chequers: December 2010

Former prime minister Herbert Asquith once said of the Chequers Estate that it “is what the holder chooses and is able to make of it”. Never was that statement any truer than under the premiership of David Cameron, spanning 2010 to 2016.

Christmas at Chequers: December 1984 and the visit of the Gorbachevs

During Margaret Thatcher’s 11-year term as prime minister of the United Kingdom, spanning 1979 to 1990, she described the Chequers Estate as one of “the twin centres” of her “personal and professional life”, alongside Number Ten.

Christmas at Chequers: December 1978 and The Winter of Discontent

Labour politician James Callaghan served as prime minister of the United Kingdom from April 1976 to May 1979. It is a known fact that he would spend his Christmas celebrations at the prime ministerial estate of Chequers, but it is the last of his holiday seasons at the country retreat which bore by far the most significance politically.

Christmas at Chequers: December 1945

With the Second World War in Europe having finally drawn to a close in May of 1945, the Christmas of that year was one of hope, despite rationing remaining in force.

Christmas at Chequers: Boris Johnson set for first Christmas as prime minister

December 25 approaches. Thoughts turn toward opening presents on Christmas morning, tucking into a traditional Turkey dinner, eating chocolate and sipping sherry, with eyes and ears nationwide ready to tune in to the Queen’s address to the nation. However, after the advent period of 2019 was dominated by a snap general election, it begs the question: what does the prime minister actually do at Christmas?

Bank of England admits press conference audio leak

The Bank of England has admitted that an audio feed of its press conferences was leaked to hedge funds before the visual footage was broadcast, blaming one a supplier for “misuse” of the feed.

Queen’s Speech to set out domestic agenda on Thursday

The new Queen’s Speech will set out the Conservative government’s domestic agenda, which will include legislation on Brexit, criminal justice, and the NHS.