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The Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review is sent to over 500,000 leading business executives, policy makers and other relevant individuals. In recent years, it has featured forewords by Theresa May, David Cameron, Caroline Lucas, Lucy Powell and many other political figures. The Review's release is marked by an annual gala in the Palace of Westminster.

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“Net zero” emissions by 2040 say NFU

The head of the National Farmers’ Union declared in January this year that UK farmers should aim to eradicate greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 – or earlier.

Release of social care green paper remains imminent

In the March 2017 budget, the Conservative government said it would publish a green paper on social care, for public consultation. This followed the decision in July 2015 to postpone the introduction of a cap on lifetime social care charges and a more generous means-test that had been proposed by the “Dilnot Commission” and accepted in principle by the then-coalition government.

Gove: No-deal Brexit means “considerable turbulence” for farmers

At the Oxford Farming Conference earlier this year, the environment secretary, Michael Gove, told farmers and food producers alike that they faced turbulence that would be “considerable”, were the UK to leave the EU without a deal

ORBS Electrical and Warren & Co give thoughts on Brexit as RICS predict housing market to suffer from uncertainty

A new report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has predicted that the UK housing market will suffer from uncertainty surrounding Brexit well into 2019. The report states that the both house prices, and the number of homes being sold, will fall over the next quarter. On average, a home now takes four months to be sold, the longest period since records began in 2016. In response to new Brexit developments, ORBS Electrical and Warren & Co offer their views on what should happen going forward.

DP Financial Advice and ORBS Electrical call for deal support as May arrives in Brussels

DP Financial Advice and ORBS told The Parliamentary Review this week that they hope MPs vote to approve a deal and end uncertainty when Theresa May returns from Brussels this week. The prime minister was today in the Belgian capital, looking to gain amendments to the deal that was due to be voted on last Monday, before she delayed the vote citing its impending defeat.

Rapid Improvement reduce NHS shortages as nursing apprenticeships labelled a “mirage”

The Education Select Committee has today published a report, urging The Department for Education to remove barriers to ensure the apprenticeship scheme is not just a mere “mirage.” According to the report, no more than 30 individuals have begun training under the scheme last year. Rapid Improvement could act as a potential solution to this issue, providing apprentices to various NHS organisations around the country.

Chubb Systems champion apprenticeships but stats show worrying decline

The Department for Education has today published statistics that show a 24 per cent decrease in the number of apprenticeships programmes begun in the last calendar year in comparison to the year before. Chubb Systems drew attention to the importance of apprenticeship programmes in their contribution to The Parliamentary Review so it is likely they, along with many young people looking to break into industry will be disappointed by the news.

Lords slam HMRC powers; Tyrrell & Co call for increased tech to address such issues

A report from the Economic Affairs Committee, one of the six permanent investigative committees in the House of Lords, has criticised greater powers being awarded to HMRC to tackle tax avoidance and evasion, describing these new powers as “disproportionate” and affecting the “the fundamental protections every taxpayer should expect.” Tyrrel & Co, contributors to The Parliamentary Review, argue that HMRC's misunderstanding of SMEs could be solved by greater technology.

Meaningful vote shows chance of alleviating VEIT (UK) Ltd's concerns

Tomorrow marks the first day on which MPs will start debating the Conservative government’s EU withdrawal agreement. This will commence five days of debate, at the end of which MPs will finally decide whether or not to vote it through: the ‘meaningful vote’. VEIT (UK) Ltd told the Review this September that Brexit-related uncertainty has posed the British economy a large opportunity cost. The conclusion of this parliamentary debate may well bring the uncertainty that companies like VEIT have sought for so long.

Europe to be carbon neutral by 2050 as Sargent-Disc highlight importance of sustainability in business

As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this week explained in their report it is vital societies become carbon neutral by 2050 in order to save the planet the European Commission announced their aim for Europe to develop a "prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy" by the turn of the half century. The risks of climate change and the need for more carbon neutral solutions was also raised often in the most recent publication of The Parliamentary Review and award-winning specialist payroll company Sargent-Disc highlighted the measures they are taking as pioneers of sustainable technology.

Hammond reveals Brexit may make UK poorer after Mizen Group warn of potential impact on construction

The Chancellor Philip Hammond this morning revealed that new government economic analysis suggests that the UK's economy will suffer as a result of any form of Brexit. The property sector is one area that may face particular difficulty and Mizen Group argued in their recent contribution to The Parliamentary Review that "EU migrants are necessary for the British construction industry to support the maintenance and expansion of economic activity."

Treasury release transport spending data after Omnibus call for increased use of technology

In the latest Transport Edition of the Review, two-time contributor Omnibus discussed how it is using technology to increase efficiency in public transport, a comment that appears increasingly relevant given the Treasuries report into the efficiency of government spending. The report stated that in London, the government spends over £1,000 per person on transport each year.

Invicta welcomes GDPR as MPs seize Facebook data documents

Attention has once again been drawn to privacy regulations and the protection of personal data after MPs, investigating the Cambridge Analytica data breach, seized a cache of Facebook documents. Invicta IT, who featured in the Review’s Technology edition, discussed the need for increasing regulation and how they have employed Varonis, a programme which helps to structure client data, to ensure all of their clients remain compliant.

Telensa say smart technology is needed, as smart meter installation hits a snag

After the Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee Rachel Reeves announced that the smart meter installation programme has met "massive delays", we reflect on the calls for the use of more smart technology in cities by Telensa during the recent publication of the Energy and Environment Edition of The Parliamentary Review

As MPs debate fisheries bill, the Shetland Fishermen’s Association provides food for thought

With the government’s Fisheries Bill currently being debated in parliament, the contribution the Shetland Fishermen’s Association to the 2018 Review takes particular relevance. The organisation, which “represents the interests of Shetland’s diverse fishing fleet”, had suggested that Brexit offered organisations like themselves greater freedom and Labour’s proposed amendment yesterday may make that prediction even more possible.