The Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review is sent to over 500,000 leading business executives, policy makers and other relevant individuals. In recent years, it has featured forewords by Theresa May, David Cameron, Caroline Lucas, Lucy Powell and many other political figures. The Review's release is marked by an annual gala in the Palace of Westminster.

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NEST Management helps drive rapidly expanding martial arts market

The latter half of the twentieth century saw the sport of boxing explode. As television ownership increased, so too did the popularity of fixtures and the fighters. Muhammad Ali became an international sensation, while Mike Tyson arrived later to terrorise the nineties.

Sustain UK’s experience could be key when addressing new Shelter figures on homelessness

Centrepoint, the youth homeless charity has projected that upward of 22,000 young people may be homeless, or at risk of being made homeless, across England this Christmas.

FuseMetrix’s approach to productivity reflected in Government press release

Productivity can be famously hard to measure, but the ONS recorded the April to June quarter as producing the fastest falling figures for five years. Measured by output per hour these numbers are always relatively crude, but the two quarters prior to this one had also seen zero growth.

CPI and Grant-Jones Accountancy demonstrate growing importance of CSR

CPI, the London-based book and commercial print group, have this week appointed Lisa Faratro to the newly-created position of environmental and sustainability director. Fataro who previously served as customer service director will be taken with ensuring that the organisation is able to ‘step up a gear and position environmental stability at the heart of [its] business.’

Firms like Elite Training South West demonstrate how localism can address skills shortage

The Edge Foundation launched its latest report on skills shortages on 12th November at Liverpool Town Hall, with its chair Neil Bates saying that education policy and industrial strategy must be better aligned at a local level to combat the issue.

Fane International looking outside of the EU for post-Brexit opportunities

The Brexit conundrum will apply to none more than those firms who do the majority of their business abroad through import and export of goods. Boris Johnson’s new Withdrawal Agreement paves the way for a free-trade agreement with Europe to be negotiated, as well as the possibilities to strike new, meaningful trade deals with other nations.

How Brexit could provide opportunities for tech firms like Exensor Technology

The uncertainty of how Brexit will impact business when the UK leaves the EU is well-documented. Some business leaders see the UK’s departure from the bloc as a hindrance, particularly those who trade in Europe, whereas others are looking to capitalise on the opportunities that arise from it.

Performance Telecom recognises importance of investing in business’ technology

Business minister, Kelly Tolhurst, has announced the government’s intentions to invest £56 million in order to boost business productivity.

Engineered Learning's training model offers hope to businesses suffering from skills gap

In a climate where businesses face struggles in recruitment and the role of education in these issues is coming under scrutiny, models deployed by training providers such as Engineered Learning may offer a degree of hope.

Nestor positive around news of change to PI discount rate

Earlier in the year, news of changes to the way in which personal injury compensation payments are calculated came much to the chagrin of insurers, but was greeted with approval by others.

EAPL cite diverse customer base as source of success

When working in resource heavy industries, one of the great mistakes that can be made is investing all of a business’ resources into a single project. Economic downturn, a change of heart for an investor or a new governmental policy are all examples of unpredictable events that can stop progress in its tracks, leaving the unprepared firm with nowhere to turn.

Sue Hughes-Thomas of The Home Management Company talks rent control

Sue Hughes-Thomas, founder of The Home Management Company, a residential lettings agent established in Hertfordshire in 1986, considered the importance of preventing rent control in The Parliamentary Review’s Podcast.

Ardmel Automation continues the Scottish fight to remain at the forefront of innovation

If you were to ask people from across the globe what images the word ‘Scotland’ evoked for them, you would probably be met with descriptions of kilts, bagpipes and sea monsters. These commentators would certainly not be wrong, and Scotland is a country that holds great pride in its traditions, but it is often forgotten that, historically, one of Scotland’s great legacies is as a nation of innovators.

UK plc could learn from firms such as Marshall & Co

Small businesses lead the way when it comes to promoting community links and corporate responsibility, suggests Robert Cresanti in the Harvard Business Review.

When many students are being treated unfairly by landlords B2B Properties take a different approach

The National Union of Students has said more more needs to be done to tackle landlords unfairly targeting students in relation to poor living standards and unfair deposit deductions.