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William Winter


William contributes to our political news output. He studied Politics at the London School of Economics.

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Hancock quits Tory leadership contest

Matt Hancock quit in his bid to become Conservative party leader today.

Bridging the Gap respond to BBC care findings

Teenagers in care are placed in unregulated homes and left vulnerable to organised crime the BBC reported yesterday.

The tenancy fees ban could result in higher costs for landlords

The tenancy fees ban could result in higher costs for landlords UK Finance research found last week.

Five banks fined over €1 billion by EU for exchange market rigging

Five banks were fined over €1 billion for currency rigging by the EU today.

Probation service to be re-nationalised from 2020

Supervision of offenders on probation will be re-nationalised it was announced on Thursday.

ONS: Age most important personal characteristic in determining life satisfaction

Age is the most important personal characteristic in determining life satisfaction an ONS report showed today.

MPs set for vote on Brexit bill in June

MPs will vote on the Brexit bill in June Downing Street announced last night.

Tory negotiator travels to Brussels as Labour talks continue

Number 10's chief Brexit negotiator travelled to Brussels for talks with the EU today.

Starmer: Cross-party deal on Brexit must include second referendum

Sir Keir Starmer said that any cross-party Brexit deal must be put to a confirmatory referendum in an interview with the Guardian yesterday.

UK economic growth up in first quarter of 2019

The UK posted 0.5 per cent growth in the first quarter of 2019 the ONS confirmed today.

Review contributor randd uk wins at first British Accounting Marketing Awards

Review contributor randd uk were winners at Europe’s number one accountancy and finance expo last week.

Seventy per cent of vehicles meet new Ulez standards

Seventy per cent of vehicles met new Ulez standards figures published last week showed.

Conservatives and Labour suffer in local elections

Both of the two main parties in British politics were hit by a Brexit backlash in local elections yesterday.

One of UK's largest care groups goes into administration

One of the UK's largest care home groups went into administration this week.

Gavin Williamson denies Huawei information leak

The former defence secretary Gavin Williamson denied he leaked National Security Council information last night.