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The Review | Published September 11 2017

Parliamentary Review Foreword

By Chris Atkin - Engineering Council

This has been an important year for engineering, both in terms of recognising the profession’s current contribution to the UK and promoting its future to the next generation of engineers.

As the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession, the Engineering Council maintains internationally recognised standards of competence and commitment for the engineering profession and holds the register of over 230,000 engineers and technicians who have been assessed against those standards. We license competent institutions to champion those standards and assess candidates for registration, ensuring society can have confidence in their knowledge, experience and commitment. 

Supported across government, the Year of Engineering 2018 has been a great success in raising the profile of engineering careers, ensuring that the engineering profession is attractive to a wide range of young people and so helping to tackle the current skills shortage. We were delighted to welcome Stephen Metcalfe MP, Government Envoy for the Year of Engineering, as a speaker at the prestigious International Engineering Alliance (IEA) meeting hosted by the Engineering Council in London in May.

Through its active membership of international agreements and organisations the Engineering Council is able to exert real influence internationally. This benefits UK engineering businesses and the UK’s system of engineering education, as well as supporting the international mobility of professionally registered engineers and technicians. This international influence is likely to become even more important in the future and there is evidence of growing demand for UK-regulated qualifications and UK-based standards from around the world, particularly in South East Asia.

The objects of our royal charter include the promotion of industry and commerce in the UK and, in collaboration with the professional engineering community, we will continue to ensure that professionally registered engineers and technicians demonstrate their competence and commitment to the profession and are able to work in an ethical, sustainable and safe manner.