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  • Produce an article about your organisation, with guidance from our experienced editorial team.
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  • Vote on bills going through the Commons & the Lords.
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  • Feature on our influential podcast alongside directors, CEOs, MPs and Ministers.
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Get your organisation in the news

We regularly quote Parliamentary Review Members in our daily news coverage. This puts your organisation on the front page of our website and Google News. You can also suggest potential news stories to our editors, which helps us focus our coverage of your sector around the issues that truly matter.


Appear on Podcast

We put out regular podcasts with business leaders, politicians and other influential figures. Parliamentary Review Members are invited to take part and have their voice heard by the people who shape Britain’s future. Your podcast will appear on iTunes, Spotify and all the major podcast platforms


Vote on Bills going through Parliament

Our members area is the only online platform where you can vote on bills going through parliament. You can keep on track of all the key issues and help shape opinion on the issues that matter to you.

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Thanks to our search engine optimisation, your Parliamentary Review article may well be the first thing people read about you. Our experienced editors will ensure that it hits all the right notes. You can edit or update your article whenever you wish and can add a new one each year.

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Get the inside track in Westminster

You will have a dedicated Parliamentary Review Special Adviser who will keep you up to date with proceedings in parliament, answer any questions and commission research on your behalf. You will also have access to an exclusive weekly diary from our Chief Editor and former minister The Rt Hon David Curry.

What it means to be a member of The Parliamentary Review

Discuss your work alongside the country's most respected politicians and personalities. Our members enjoy a raised profile, improved SEO and access to a range of key features.