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Andrew Maskery Associates welcome Gove's proposed no-deal food tariffs

Speaking to a conference of the National Farmers Union, Michael Gove promised the government will apply tariffs to food imports in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Andrew Maskery, Managing Director of Andrew Maskery Associates, welcomed these tariffs, focusing specifically on the need to protect livestock farmers.

Centrica project fall in profit following the introduction of energy price cap

Centrica confirmed today that their profits will be reduced as a result of the introduction of the energy price cap.

MPs admit frustrations as more are rumoured to join The Independent Group

MPs from both sides of the aisle have today admitted that they could consider their future, a day after three former Conservative MPs joined the breakaway group.

Three Conservative MPs resign to join the Independent Group

Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston have quit the Conservative party today in order to join the new breakaway Independent Group.

PMQs summary (Wed 20th Feb, 2019)

Today during PMQs, discussion centred around the impact Brexit could have on jobs. In this regard, Corbyn’s essential point was that the government’s unwillingness to rule out no-deal is a great risk. Theresa May, in turn, said it was the duty of MPs to support her deal.

Moneyline highlight growing working poverty despite increased employment

Despite the increase in employment numbers, according to a report published by the Office of National Statistics yesterday, the number of working people in poverty has risen. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have published figures which show the number of workers who are living in poverty has reached four million, a rise of more than 500,000 in the last five years. Moneyline, a not-for-profit lending service designed to support low income families, highlight this growing trend and call for greater attention to be paid to the detail of employment statistics.

CommComm UK and Total Accounting respond to BBC report highlighting growing gender pay gap

A BBC report into the gender pay gap has shown a growing divide between men and women in terms of pay at a number of large firms.

Swindon South MP Robert Buckland tells The Parliamentary Review that “task force” in place to safeguard 3,500 Honda workers

Yesterday it was confirmed that Honda will be removing its manufacturing facility from Swindon to Japan due to global changes in demand. Swindon South's MP, Robert Buckland, tells the Review what steps he and the government are taking.

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