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Chancellor’s comments this week bode well for addressing Leith Planning’s concerns

Chancellor Sajid Javid’s comments reported by the Financial Times this week have drawn some attention due to his hinting that the UK could look to diverge from some EU rules after Brexit. However, other issues which he discussed, including plans for economic growth and regional investment, have garnered less attention. Yet, it is these comments which may bode well for one town planning consultancy and some of its concerns over how the country is run.

Crowe’s ‘Outlook for Manufacturing Businesses in 2020’ could reflect best practice of companies like Russell Finex

On February 5th Crowe’s release their 'Outlook for Manufacturing Businesses in 2020' at an event in West Bromwich. The event will consist of Crowe’s unveiling their findings on the future for British manufacturing and what the prospects look like for UK businesses.

Rolls-Royce develop plans for mini nuclear reactors

Rolls-Royce have told the BBC about their plans to construct, install and operate mini nuclear power stations by 2029.

Craig Webster of Tiger Estates talks about how starting young helped him in business

Craig Webster is managing director of North West-based Tiger Estates, a premium property service provider in the Blackpool and Fylde Coast area. The firm's aim, Craig says, is to "take the hassle out of the property sector" and maximise the return on investment. He talks with The Parliamentary Review’s podcast host Jonathan White about the beauty of starting young.

UK withdrawal agreement signed by EU leaders

Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, the heads of the European Commission and Council, signed the Withdrawal Agreement today, prior to the UK’s departure from the European Union next Friday.

Plans to introduce rapid response teams for home care

NHS England and ministers have drawn up a plan to establish rapid response teams to help elderly patients in their homes.

British ‘staycations’ could boost post-Brexit economy and benefit organisations like Piperdam Golf and Leisure Resort

The Daily Express recently covered the story that post-Brexit Britain could be in line for a £27 billion boost to the economy in 2020 as British people lean towards ‘staycations’ instead of holidaying abroad. This comes off the back of a study from where they report 70 per cent of those surveyed in the UK are planning on holidaying in this country throughout the year. With the average person taking two holidays a year, this could provide a strong cash injection to UK places of interest.

Azad Ayub Limited discuss how new HMO regulations have posed challenges for the lettings industry

The year 2018 saw new regulations enter force which introduced mandatory licensing to all multi-occupied properties with five or more people who form two or more separate households. While the licensing system has enforced standards concerning the size and safety of the properties, it has posed challenges for landlords and businesses to comply with those standards in order to continue renting out their properties.

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