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Ada update: June 9, 2020

Talon Outdoor is an independent out-of-home media specialist and a significant player in its industry. Using analysis from its data management platform Ada, Talon has been able to trace how the UK population has been moving throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have been publishing "Ada updates" since April as Talon's OOH data platform tracks footfall and population movement through the pandemic, and for many of these pieces, it was "business as usual" - no real week-on-week change, but a huge and consistent drop from baseline movement levels.

Today, we're happy to report that this has changed: finally, Ada is showing what Talon call a "return to OOH" - with roadside traffic nearing pre-lockdown levels in some areas.

Ada reports that roadside journeys across the UK are just 16 per cent below the baseline for the week ending May 31, following a steady rise in car travel throughout mid-April and May. There are some regional differences - London traffic is rising at a slower rate behind other regions in the UK, but individual residential areas, including Camden, Whitechapel and Streatham, are seeing some of teh largest volumes in the UK.

Slowly but surely, people are also growing more comfortable with spending time out of home - while "journey behaviours look very different", according to the Talon report, people are still spending 20 per cent more time outside the home when compared to the first week of national lockdown.

It is, however, a familiar story for rail travel. Overall, UK rail travel is 69 per cent below baseline, and the London Underground operates at 75 per cent below.

And finally, "points of interest" visits remain "flat" as the majority of shops and entertainment venues continue to keep their doors shut. Supermarkets, as with the last reports, vastly outperform all other shops and public areas, but Talon expect things to change over a "critical" next couple of weeks.

Group Strategy Director at Talon, Sophie Pemberton, said that Ada "shows us... that roadside environments are being repopulated first", describing this as "great news for advertisers looking to use OOH to deliver scale".

"Ada produces powerful audience insight and measurement which, alongside expert OOH knowledge, can deliver more effective campaigns on a national, regional and hyperlocal level. Ada-optimised OOH campaigns consistently produce better brand and business outcomes over and above standard OOH campaigns.”

For more information about Talon Outdoor and the Ada platform, see here.

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June 09 2020

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