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Ada weekly update: April 22, 2020

Talon Outdoor is an independent out-of-home [OOH] media specialist and a significant player in its industry. Using analysis from its data management platform Ada, Talon has been able to trace how the UK population has been moving throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

After receiving billions of anonymised location data points each week, Ada aggregates data, identifies changes in roadside traffic and footfall as well as public transport usage. This can be used to track real movements during these difficult times and look at how the UK population moves. We reported on this last week but will be providing regular updates as Talon Outdoor send us new statistics.

Statistics on week three -- the week of April 6 to April 12 -- shows that population movement "plateaued", which indicates that this was the point where national behaviour began to stabilise.

Roadside traffic, Ada reported, was the least affected population movement method, with just a two per cent drop in week-on-week traffic. This took the overall decline to 54 per cent below the baseline.

The same trend was true of public transport usage in the capital -- a drop in London Underground usage began as early as March, but the week beginning April 6 saw just a one per cent drop -- meaning a level of 84 per cent below base.

This percentage drop of just one per cent was mirrored in overall rail travel -- after a sharp drop at the end of March, figures plateaued to an overall of 79 per cent below baseline. This was also the case for most key points of interest -- down by just one per cent. Those associated with group gatherings remain at 85 per cent below the average.

Supermarkets, as is to be expected, have seen the lowest week-on-week decrease as well as the lowest decrease overall, outperforming all other categories.

Ada will be publishing statistics on April 27 about the week ending April 20, and the Leaders Council will report on those figures in due course.

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April 22 2020

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