News | Published January 18 2020

Andrew Robertson of McClure Solicitors highlights role of social media in business

Andrew Robertson, managing director of McClure Solicitors, a private-client legal firm based in Glasgow, spoke with The Parliamentary Review’s Jonathan White about the importance of utilising social media to generate business.

Robertson told White, “We generate a lot of our business from social media, particularly on the Inheritance Tax planning side, which continues to amaze me. Promoting our services on social media actually works for us.”

However, he considered that the use of social media “is a two-edged sword – if you use it well it’s a good thing, [but] if you are not providing a proper service then it can be a very bad thing.”

Robertson’s comments come at a time when the use of social media is more widely discussed than ever before, in particular its use in the general election.

The specific targeting of adverts from political parties has been met with criticism, especially with regards to the spread of misinformation. Last month's election was one of the most social media heavy we have ever witnessed in the UK. 

The Conservatives, for example, relied on 'viral' campaigns that heavily reinforced their core messages, but there was no shortage of controversy as some of their Facebook ads were challenged by Labour and other political commentators for being misleading.

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Alice Jaspars
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January 18 2020

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