News | Published June 12 2019

Anna McMorrin MP: PM's net zero target "welcome" but more "fundamental" change is needed

Today, Prime Minister Theresa May announced a government target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Anna McMorrin, Labour MP for Cardiff North, offered us her thoughts.

Behind this move, May said, was the Conservative promise to leave the environment in a better state than it was when the party came to power in 2010.

This announcement makes the UK the first major economy to put forward such an ambitious environmental target.

However, because the target is net, this does not rule out the possibility of technological methods of extracting greenhouse gases after they have already been emitted.

While MPs of all parties welcomed this move – including Green Party MP Caroline Lucas – many still believe that talk of this kind is not enough to bring about action.

At today's PMQs, Anna McMorrin, Labour MP for Cardiff North, said to the prime minister: "It must include aviation and shipping, and it must not shift our problem to developing nations through offsetting.

"When will we see the urgent and radical steps needed to address this climate emergency?"

Theresa May responded: "It is important that we give this commitment. We are about two per cent of the problem across the world, so it is important that others follow our lead."

We got in touch with Anna McMorrin MP, asking for an elaboration of her views on this.

Anna commented: "Whilst I welcome this commitment, it doesn't go far or fast enough. We need to see more immediate and radical change right now and a fundamental transformation across the whole of government to address the climate emergency we are facing.

"We cannot continue to shift our problems on to developing nations through off-setting, we need policies that will bring about change, and fast.

"This would include policies such as renewable infrastructure spending to stimulate the green economy, full fossil fuel divestment and putting a wide-ranging ban on single use plastics. Only such radical action will come close to addressing this global crisis."

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Thomas Wilson
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June 12 2019

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