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As more people work from home Selectec says solutions are needed

The ONS Labour Force Survey revealed that the number of remote workers has roughly doubled over the last ten years.

The BBC’s own investigation also showed a large increase, upward of 74 per cent according to their survey.

In total, there are more than one and a half million working Britons who no longer travel to work, a figure that’s expected to continue to grow.

One of the obvious upsides to this arrangement is that it affords workers greater freedom and flexibility in their lives.

The BBC reports that, according to a survey conducted by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, roughly half of at-home workers regard flexibility as the biggest advantage of working remotely.

It is also believed that working from home is especially valued by mothers.

However, not everyone believes that remote work is, on balance, a preferable arrangement. The mental health charity, MIND, says that it runs the risk of causing loneliness and losing social connections.

Selectec, a tech solutions provider and contributor to The Parliamentary Review, report that there are business difficulties associated with employees not having a physical presence at work.

Selectec’s managing director, Paul Weston, says that not being at work can result in poorer communication and a lack of understanding of the strategic direction of the company:

“Though working from home [can] seem like an ideal situation, it is still very important to build a sense of culture for remote employees. There is a risk that they can feel isolated and of there being a lack of camaraderie. There can also be a lack of visibility regarding the overall direction of the business. Regular communication, therefore, is vital.”

His suggestion is the use of digital solutions: “Centralised digital collaboration and project management tools [can] give everyone as much insight as possible into what is happening throughout the company. Virtual meetings via video conferencing … allow staff to see their peers.”

To read their full Review article, click here.

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May 07 2019

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