News | Published May 14 2021

Atruchecks announces best value in-clinic Covid-19 PCR Tests with next day results: for £69

In a bid to kickstart the travel industry again, Atruchecks - in partnership with Eurofins Forensic Laboratory - now boasts partner clinics in Heathrow, Derby, Glasgow, Birmingham, Ruislip, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool and Stansted airport as part of its Covid-19 testing network, with a view to opening yet more clinics across the UK.

Typically, prices for an express PCR Test with results in 24 hours range from £120 to £250. But now, The Leaders Council reports that Atruchecks has reduced the price to £69 for all PCR tests that are taken by a qualified and accredited sample collector, as opposed to postal kits which are typically lost in the post or delayed. Results are turned over by the next day before midnight.

These tests are fully accredited and approved by the UK government. The chances of returning false negatives are also much reduced, since the sample is taken from a nose and throat swab carried out by a trained collection officer.

CEO, Laween Al-Atroshi said “Travel is a necessity, but it also makes us feel good, and we are proud as always to make it easier for people to travel.

“These affordable tests support the travel industry. We will always be the first provider to reduce financial pressures on travellers and families without compromising service.”

The Covid-19 PCR tests are available to purchase here.

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Alexander Bridge-Wilkinson
Junior Editor
May 14 2021

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