News | Published May 31 2020

Atruchecks to provide antibody testing to companies across the UK

Laween Al-Atroshi, chief executive of Atrumed, recently informed The Parliamentary Review that Atrumed’s new startup sister company, Atruchecks, would seek to supply new Covid-19 antibody tests at cost price to anyone in the UK, in an effort to bolster the government’s efforts in ramping up testing. Now, keen to help reinvigorate the economy, Atruchecks has launched its corporate antibody test package in order to support businesses as they reopen by providing antibody testing to staff.

In Al-Atroshi’s view, making antibody testing accessible to corporate organisations will not only form a vital part of the government’s exit strategy by ascertaining who may now be immune to Covid-19, but it will also be integral in easing anxiety over returning to work.

Al-Atroshi said: “Antibody testing for corporate organisations is essential in removing anxiety and the trauma caused by Covid-19 to date. It means that we can slowly restart the economy. It is true that little is known about the virus still, but we must innovate if we are to succeed against this disease.”

Since launching its corporate package, Atruchecks has already been contacted by major UK firms ranging from the construction industry to media, right through to blue chip companies, who are looking to roll out antibody testing for employees.

Al-Atroshi said: “It is true that there has already been a lot of interest in this. Furthermore, embassies and missions have also reached out to us.

“We are determined to provide industry specific, affordable, bespoke packages to corporate organisations that are eager to restart and are an essential fabric in rebuilding the economy.”

Atruchecks is working in tandem with UKAS laboratories to offer a range of tests, including those developed by US firm Abbott Laboratories and German conglomerate Siemens. Al-Atroshi indicated that his firm would also look to make the tests developed by Swiss firm Roche available in the near future.

He said: “A strong economy is in everyone’s interest, and a healthy workforce means a healthy recovery.

“To help support our efforts, we have a dedicated blood collection location just off Harley Street, strategically located in the heart of London, to ensure that our teams can support wider testing for our corporate clients.”

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Alexander Bridge-Wilkinson
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May 31 2020

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