News | Published May 18 2020

Atrumed sister company to supply Abbott’s newly approved Covid-19 antibody test

US firm Abbott Laboratories has seen its Covid-19 antibody test approved by Public Health England, and has been given permission to supply them to NHS laboratories, alongside Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche.

Roche’s own antibody test was cleared for use by public health officials earlier in May, with the Abbott test the latest to be approved.

Mass antibody testing is likely to form part of the government’s exit strategy from the Covid-19 lockdown, by helping determine who has already had coronavirus and may have developed immunity.

Prior to the breakthroughs from Abbott and Roche, antibody tests had not been used due to a lack of reliability. 3.5 million finger-prick tests have already had to be discarded by the UK government due to inaccuracy.

The widespread swab tests being used in the UK are only capable of indicating whether a specimen has the virus at the time of testing.

In a statement, Abbott said that as many as five million of the new tests can be provided to the UK each month, with immediate effect.

In the wake of this news, Laween Al-Atroshi, chief executive of Atrumed, informed The Parliamentary Review that his company would seek to supply the new antibody tests at cost price to anyone in the UK, to help make testing accessible and affordable.

Atruchecks, a start-up sister company to Atrumed, has partnered up with UK accredited laboratory Eurofins Scientific, which has 800 laboratories in 50 different countries, in the aim of privately providing the Abbott test in the UK at affordable prices to encourage more widespread testing.

Atruchecks has priced the Abbott antibody test at £79, which includes free courier delivery and pre-paid track return services.

Al-Atroshi said: "We are powered by compassion, and felt it was essential that we provide end users with an affordable test to encourage wider testing.

"This lifts the burden on the NHS and expedites the targets for testing. It has been tough due to costs rising on materials, but we are determined in our mission to test, test and test".

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May 18 2020

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