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Berwin Industrial Polymers demonstrate how environmental awareness is at the forefront of manufacturing

2019 saw a stark increase in media coverage and personal action relating to climate change and the environment. Extinction Rebellion’s tens of thousands of supporters caused chaos throughout the UK and a celebrity megastar was created in young Greta Thunberg. There was widespread coverage of ‘fatbergs’ blocking the UK’s sewage system through people disposing of inappropriate items down drains and sinks.

However, arguably the most important factor in tackling environmental issues is how business responds to growing expectations from customers and policy makers.

One company which has made an active effort to tackle waste and their carbon footprint is Berwin Industrial Polymers. They have built a trusted reputation for technological leadership in the development of rubber compounds, and currently operate under the ownership of the HEXPOL Group. The Parliamentary Review spoke with managing director Gareth Jefferson about the subject. Jefferson said,

“With increasing focus on environmental impact and the use of natural resources, we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and have undertaken a programme to be 100 per cent renewable energy sourced over the next five years. Alongside this, a significant part of our investment strategy is focused on energy reduction.

“We’re also considering the impact of our products, and their final application; retread tyres use a lesser amount of raw material, and the amount of energy and other petrochemicals required during the manufacturing process is also significantly reduced. By adopting a retreading policy, transport operators are also reducing the amount of tyre waste and supporting a circular economy. For our customers, it is now about selling mileage, rather than selling tyres.

“This initiative is supported by our product development teams, who are constantly testing raw materials and adapting the recipes of our rubber compounds, while looking for ways to provide increased mileage and longer service without compromising safety.”

There is more pressure on government than ever from voters to deliver greener policies to tackle carbon emissions and pollution. Policy makers could look for inspiration on how to deliver on those expectations in businesses such as Berwin Industrial Polymers who have proactively taken the lead to do so.

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January 13 2020

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