News | Published April 30 2019

Poll shows Conservative voters split on party's Brexit stance

Less than a third of Tory voters view the party as being pro-Brexit YouGov polling showed today.

According to the poll 29 per cent of Tory voters from the 2017 election see the Conservatives as a pro-Brexit party, while 31 per cent see the party as anti-Brexit.

Meanwhile, over 80 per cent of the same demographic see the Brexit party as pro-Brexit.

Another YouGov poll from earlier this month projected that the Brexit party will win next month's European elections.

Of people planning on voting, the Brexit party polled at 28 per cent, with the Labour at 22 per cent and the Conservatives at 13 per cent.

The Conservative party is also braced to perform badly in this week's local elections.

Sky News analysis showed the party could lose between 400 and 1,100 council seats.

Deputy party chair Helen Whately said: "People will see it as a chance to send a protest, send a message, so that could well hit the figures for us.

"There is a lot of anger about. You always have a mixed experience whilst canvassing."

She added: "There is more anger in politics than there was before."

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William Winter
April 30 2019

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