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Brexit and Budget to come within first 100 days in government, Boris Johnson claims

Boris Johnson has claimed that his Brexit deal will be passed through Parliament and a Budget will be delivered within his first 100 days in power should the Conservatives win the general election.

Johnson said that the Budget would include his plans to invest in education and the NHS, as well as raising the National Insurance threshold to £9,500.

The Budget would build on the domestic agenda set out in the Queen’s Speech in October, which has been shelved until the election is done, with a new Queen’s Speech to come as early as December 19 should the Conservatives emerge victorious at the polls.

Johnson said: "This is the most important election in a generation - important because it will define if we go forward as a country or remain stuck, stalled, repeating the same arguments of the last three years with yet more damaging uncertainty.”

Meanwhile, chancellor Sajid Javid said he had not a “single doubt” that a free-trade deal with the EU could then be finalised before the end of 2020, the cut-off point for the Brexit transitional period.

Responding to critics who argue that the end of 2020 will not leave enough time to finalise such an agreement, Javid told BBC Radio Four that the Conservatives would look to “agree and finalise [a] very ambitious, deep, comprehensive” agreement, insisting that the likelihood of not finalising a deal before the end of next year is "extremely remote".

Javid said: "The outline of a free-trade agreement is already in place. Of course, there is going to be some detail to discuss…but the important thing that's taking us forward is that we know exactly what we want, the EU has accepted that, it works for them, it works for us.

"Because there is an agreement, there is not a single doubt in mind it can be agreed within months and we can get it through Parliament in 2020.”

Javid also hinted that due to the UK's previous full alignment with EU rules, negotiations have been, and will be, far easier than for other trade deals.

Opposition parties have reacted with scepticism, with the Labour party saying that the Conservative agenda will only bring “more of the same failure”.

Shadow communities secretary Andrew Gwynne said: “[In the past nine-and-a-half years] we’ve seen child poverty soar, rising homelessness, rising food bank use, and violent crime is up too while the NHS has more people waiting for operations, and record staff vacancies.

"As the Conservatives approach 3,500 days of failure, it's clear that more of the same failed austerity, privatisation and tax giveaways for the few is not the answer.”

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December 05 2019

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