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CBI confirms CNC Property Fund Management's concern for UK skills gap

A recent CBI report indicates that over 80 per cent of companies in the UK believe the skills gap is damaging the country's ability to compete on a global playing field.

A mismatch in skills has meant that over 40 per cent of workers in the UK do not have the correct qualifications for the positions they occupy.

This breaks down to 13 per cent who are overqualified, while 28 per cent are underqualified.

The report also noted that under half of those of a working age in England have the requisite numeracy level expected in primary school children.

The OECD note that closing the skills gap in the UK could see an improvement in productivity of at least five per cent. Estimations from the ISC state that by 2030 there will be seven million people who will be underqualified for the position they hold. This amounts to 20 per cent of the working population. At this point, one million people will have a higher skill set than their job requires.

The impact of problems posed by this were noted by CNC Property Fund Management, an asset management service provider with properties across the UKThey highlight that "inadequate training and commercial work experience, particularly among the younger generation, has led to a superficial approach to problem solving."

Managing director, Robert Locker continued "the failure to deal with a problem at its source inevitably creates considerable delays."

He stated that the company's approach is to "try to encourage our employees to think for themselves... they are encouraged to think beyond the work with which they are involved."

As managing director, Locker believes it is important that there are "systems in place" which are "straightforward and always open to challenge."

With regards to errors in the workplace, Locker emphasises that "we are not overly critical of mistakes, unless they are repeated or not corrected where possible... People learn more from their mistakes than they do by conforming to a process and being instructed what to do."

In order to consolidate the problems posed by the skills gap, CNC Property Fund Management "try to give responsibility at an early stage."

Locker concludes, criticising "larger organisations" which "are inherently system sensitive and have ingrained working methodologies that can often be detrimental in terms of overall productivity."

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November 07 2019

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