News | Published March 26 2020

Chancellor to disclose financial aid for self employed

Rishi Sunak, chancellor of the exchequer, will unveil measures to aid self-employed workers facing the financial impact of coronavirus.

Plans were set out last week to provide 80 per cent of wages for staff kept on my employers, and the prime minister has made it clear that he wants protection in kind for those who are self-employed.

However, Boris Johnson sought to make clear that in spite of the introduction of measures to aid the financial pressures felt by companies and individuals alike, he was reluctant to promise the country would make it through current times "without any kind of hardship at all".

Sunak promised the government would cover wages up to £2,500 per month for those being kept on by their employer as part of measures to prevent employees from being made redundant.

He later said that equivalent plans to help those who are self-employed had proven "incredibly complicated".

Director general for the British Chambers of Commerce, Dr Adam Marshall, said that: "For many people that have seen their businesses disappear in the blink of an eye, things like statutory sick pay or universal credit just isn't enough.

"It doesn't need to be perfect - we just need a system in place.”

The government have said that they found it difficult to introduce a plan in which those who do not need help were paid.

The prime minister told MPs that: "We will do whatever we can to support the self-employed, just as we are putting our arms around every single employed person in this country."

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Alice Jaspars
Culture Editor
March 26 2020

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