News | Published July 27 2019

Corbyn announces campaign pledges

While speaking at a rally in Parliament Square calling for a general election, Jeremy Corbyn outlined a number of campaign pledges. Criticising Boris Johnson, the new prime minister, for having “no plan for this country”, he revealed six key policy proposals.

Following their first exchange at the dispatch box on Thursday, Corbyn attacked Johnson for having “no plan on Brexit, no plan to rebuild our public services and no plan to tackle the climate emergency.”

Going further, he said: “He spent his leadership campaign, promising tax giveaways to the richest, and the big corporations. And he’s threatening a no deal Brexit, staking all of our futures on a sweetheart trade deal with Donald Trump that would risk the takeover of our NHS by US corporations."

Alongside these criticisms, Corbyn unveiled six key proposals which would be adopted by an incoming Labour government and would form part of their election strategy.

These include free TV licenses and bus passes for pensioners, the former having been a recent issue of contention, free school meals for all primary school children and a reduction in the class sizes for five to seven year olds.

Alongside this, he also pledged to introduce a £10 an hour living wage, increase spending on the NHS and create 400,000 new jobs through a “green industrial revolution.”

In terms of Brexit, Corbyn sought to clarify Labour’s often ambiguous position. He stated that Labour would call for a public vote on any deal and if the options put forward were a no-deal Brexit, or a “bad Tory deal”, Labour would campaign for Remain.

Repeating the criticism he levelled at Johnson immediately after his victory in the Conservative leadership contest, Corbyn said: “This Prime Minister wasn’t chosen by the people, he was chosen by fewer than 100,000 unrepresentative Tory Party members.

"You deserve your say. Whether that’s in a public vote on Brexit or in a general election, so everyone has the chance to decide the future of our country.

“The choice will be between Johnson’s divisive government for the wealthy few – and a radical Labour government that will bring the country together and deliver for the many." 

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Authored by

George Salmon
Political Editor
July 27 2019

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