News | Published August 20 2019

Corbyn will “follow what the party says” over Brexit

Speaking to the BBC’s Today programme, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will “follow what the party says” in the event of a second referendum on Brexit.

Announcing that both she and shadow chancellor John McDonnell would campaign for Remain, Abbott refused to say whether Corbyn would do the same.

Discussing the various options for what would be on the ballot paper in the event of a second referendum, Abbott said: “"If it is no deal versus Remain then obviously John McDonnell and others have made it very clear we would support Remain.

"If there is the opportunity for some other option to be put then that will be put. I want to bring people together."

This follows Corbyn refusing to rule out the possibility of Labour staying neutral in a new referendum.

Describing Labour as a “democratic party” which would “come to a democratic decision,” Abbott added that “Jeremy wants to have the widest consultation. He can’t stay to the side on an issue like this – what he can do is bring the two sides together.

“The party and the shadow cabinet will have to debate this and arrive at a position – whatever the position is Jeremy will follow what the party says.”

Labour’s position on Brexit has evolved since the initial referendum with their latest proposal being a no-confidence vote in the government to try and prevent a no-deal Brexit.

If this confidence vote was successful, Labour have pledged to form a temporary government to delay the Brexit date and hold a general election.

In this potential election, Labour have announced that they would call for a “public vote” on the terms of the the UK’s exit from the European Union. 

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George Salmon
Political Editor
August 20 2019

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