News | Published October 12 2020

Coronavirus can last 28 days in lab conditions according to Australian study.

Researchers have announced that the virus responsible for Covid-19 can last 28 days on phone screens and bank notes. The study carried out by the Australian National Science Agency (CSIRO) suggests the Sars 2 virus can last significantly longer than previously thought.

CSIRO researchers found that at 20 degrees the virus remained robust and infectious, in particular on bank notes, plastic surfaces and glass. The study was published in the 'Virology Journal' and could explain why the rate of infectiousness is difficult to combat.

In a similar test the virus which causes influenza only lasted approximately 17 days in similar conditions. It was also noted that the time the Sars 2 virus lasts is significantly less on materials such as cloth and cotton. Despite these results, evidence still suggests that the key form of transmission for the Covid-19 virus remains through air particles.

This study comes as Boris Johnson is set to announce new lockdown measures in response to the growing number of UK coronavirus cases.

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The Parliamentary Review

October 12 2020

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