News | Published March 14 2020

Coronavirus could cost 50 million tourism jobs

The World Travel and Tourism Council have announced that the coronavirus outbreak could cost up to 50 million jobs in the industry.

Gloria Guevara, the chief executive of the council, has said that the outbreak poses a “significant threat to the industry".

The announcement follows the cancellation of thousands of international flights, and the refusal of some insurance firms to provide travel cover for new customers.

Figures from the WTTC indicate that the sector could face a reduction of up to 25 per cent.

The body is calling on governing bodies across the world to take action to protect the industry. This includes simplifying visas wherever possible and reducing Air Passenger Duty.

Guevara noted that in spite of the challenges: “Travel and tourism has the strength to overcome this challenge and will emerge stronger."

A number of countries have introduced travel restrictions in wake of the outbreak, and prime minister, Boris Johnson warned against over-70s taking cruises in his address to the nation on Thursday.

In February the number of Chinese air passengers dropped by almost 85 per cent, and the aviation regulator for the country has warned that the drop has seen a £2.35 billion thus far.

In the 12 months leading up to September 2019, there were 415,000 visits from China to the UK.

Visitors from China spend £1,680 on average when they visit the UK, three times more than the average.

Fears for the industry continue as the number of flight cancellations increase.

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Alice Jaspars
Culture Editor
March 14 2020

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