News | Published October 04 2019

Court documents state Johnson will send extension letter to EU

According to government papers submitted to the Court of Sessions in Scotland, Boris Johnson will send a letter to the EU asking for an extension if no deal is agreed by October 19.

The Court of Sessions, led by Lord Pentland, is currently assessing whether Johnson could be arrested if he takes the UK out of the EU without a deal, in contradiction of the “Benn Act.”

The QC for the campaigners who brought the case, the SNP’s Joanna Cherry, QC Jo Maugham and businessman Dale Vince, said the submitted documents contradicted statements previously made by the prime minister.

Despite the reveal of these documents, No.10 still insist the UK will leave the UK by 31 October.

A Downing Street source said: “The government will comply with the Benn Act, which only imposes a very specific narrow duty concerning Parliament’s letter requesting a delay – drafted by an unknown subset of MPs and pro-EU campaigners – and which can be interpreted in different ways.

But the government is not prevented by the Act from doing other things that cause no delay, including other communications, private and public.

People will have to wait to see how this is reconciled. The government is making its true position on delay known privately in Europe and this will become public soon.” 

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George Salmon
Political Editor
October 04 2019

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