News | Published June 14 2020

Covid-19: ONS figures show rate of positive tests is falling

Estimates from the Office for National Statistics indicate that the number of individuals testing positive for coronavirus in England continues to decline.

For the period of May 25 to June 7, the ONS estimated that every one in 1,700 people had the virus, having previously stood at one in 1,000.

The estimates come from data from roughly 20,000 coronavirus swab tests carried out in around 9,000 private households across the country.

11 individuals from eight households tested positive, which the ONS then used to form projections for the wider population.

The ONS figures do not include infections occurring in hospitals and care homes and there is margin for error due to the fact they are based on small numbers of people.

The ONS added that 0.1 per cent of the population is now testing positive for coronavirus, having stood at 0.4 per cent at the end of April.

Those figures suggest that an average of 4,500 new infections occurring in private households every day, equating to 31,600 per week.

However, during the first full week of operation for England's contact tracing system, only two-thirds of these new cases disclosed details of their close contacts to NHS contact tracing teams.

No data yet exists as to how many people have already had the virus, but as of May 24, it was estimated to have been around seven per cent of the population in England.

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Alexander Bridge-Wilkinson
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June 14 2020

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