News | Published January 25 2020

Craig Webster of Tiger Estates talks about how starting young helped him in business

Craig Webster is managing director of North West-based Tiger Estates, a premium property service provider in the Blackpool and Fylde Coast area. The firm's aim, Craig says, is to "take the hassle out of the property sector" and maximise the return on investment. He talks with The Parliamentary Review’s podcast host Jonathan White about the beauty of starting young.

Webster told White he founded his business “when I was 23. We are coming in to our eleventh year now. I always say, perhaps at that age you are a little bit wet behind the ears and you feel you can take on the world, now with mortgages, family, and a wife, you kind of look at the risk a little more differently.”

Webster concluded that "it was a good time to do it because ultimately, I had nothing to lose. That was the case of work as hard as you can and see what happens, and ultimately that’s what I did.”

His comments come at a time when it has been announced that millions of pounds have been spent on “fake apprenticeships”.

From 2017 onwards large companies have set aside half a per cent of their payroll to fund apprenticeships.

Tom Richmond, author of a report for the EDSK thinkthank, has alleged that many are using these funds for professional development courses that existed prior.

He states “Instead of supporting the government’s efforts to improve technical education for young people, the evidence shows that some employers and universities are abusing the levy by rebadging existing training courses and degrees as apprenticeships for their own financial gain.”

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January 25 2020

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