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David Gadsby talks European exports, mass exoduses and double-edged swords

Since we last spoke to David Gadsby, co-owner of Cambridgeshire-based specialist export engineering firm Spirotech Group, he confesses to having been “overly busy”. This is perhaps an understatement given the fact that month-on-month since last September his company has grown on average between eight and 12 per cent.

With centres in both Aberdeen and York, David has set an example from British exporters, having in his own words “received quite a few export orders for the European market, which was at the time, unusual” in the past few months.

David has noticed a strain on the capacity of British markets, though he notes that the “UK market seems remarkably strong and has increased in all areas that we are working with it”. Indeed, his engineering business has continued to expand in spite of recent political turmoil.

Whilst David has a degree of apprehension towards the future, he has plans to move the business to a larger manufacturing facility in the next two years, as he alluded to in his previous Review article. This is perhaps due to his pragmatic attitude that whatever will happen, will happen.

Indeed, David notes that his customers all seem more than satisfied with the products he has created and hopes to continue to be able to “manufacture more of what our customers seem to want”.

However, David is concerned by the skills gap in his field, which he is addressing through the development of Spirotech’s own training centre, which is intended to “push the core skills within the UK”.

He notes that it is “a double-edged sword with the younger generation” considering the way in which fewer young people are entering the trade, and the difficulties in encouraging them to do so.

With regards to Brexit, David does not believe there will be mass exodus, but considers expansion to be a problem. He notes “we need a customs union and ideally free movement of people”.

Considering the best advice to give future generations, David believes you should “believe in what you are doing and carry on”. He also thinks it wise to “listen to as many people as you can”.

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Alice Jaspars
Culture Editor
September 08 2019

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