News | Published November 06 2019

December election campaign officially begins

The main political parties will officially start campaigning today as voters prepare to go to the polls on December 12.

Parliament was dissolved last night, firing the starting pistol on a five-week campaign which will see party leaders tour the country and pitch their policies to the public.

The prime minister sat down for an audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace this morning before heading back to downing street to make a statement.

The Conservative Party will launch its official campaign with Boris Johnson promising to “get Brexit done” and move on to domestic priorities.

Speaking in Telford today, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will say he seeks to be a “very different” kind of prime minister.

“A good leader doesn’t just barge through a door and let it swing back in the faces of those following behind. A good leader holds open the door for others to walk through because everyone has a contribution to make,” he will say.

In a Telegraph editorial launching the Conservatives' campaign, Mr Johnson hit back, comparing Corbyn to Stalin and accusing him of having a “hatred for wealth creators”.

Smaller parties are also setting out their stalls to voters with the Green Party launching its campaign with a pledge to invest £100 billion a year on climate action.

The Liberal Democrats are also promising to invest £11 billion into mental health.

The Brexit Party, who are standing candidates in at least 600 seats during the election, are in Workington for their candidate launch.

Launching his slate of candidates, party leader Nigel Farage said reports the Conservative party were seeking to appeal to the so-called ‘Workington man’ were “patronising”.

Meanwhile, a number of MP’s have announced they are standing down and moving out of politics.

They include former Chancellor Philip Hammond, who said it was not a decision he had “taken lightly.”

Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan and former Cabinet Minister Ed Vaizey are also among those who say they will not stand in the December election.

This morning, Tory Party chairman James Cleverly defended a controversial edited video of shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer.

The video, which was edited and released on social media by the Conservative party, shows Mr Starmer appearing to stumble when asked about Labour’s Brexit Policy.

Johnny Mercer, a Tory MP, apologised for sharing the video, saying in a tweet: “It would appear this has inexplicably been doctored at the end. I apologise and will remove it. The original interview was bad enough. I have no idea why this needed altering. I will call this out, whichever side does it, including my own.”

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November 06 2019

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