News | Published March 26 2020

“Do remember they can’t cancel the spring” – Hockney unveils new piece amid coronavirus outbreak

David Hockney has unveiled a new piece to welcome in the spring amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In keeping with his history of adopting the newest artistic mediums, his latest piece was composed on an iPad.

The octogenarian painted the piece, entitled “Do remember they can’t cancel the spring” in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Art Newspaper revealed that: "David Hockney is currently in complete lockdown in Normandy, where he has been since his last exhibition opening.

"But he is still producing beautiful things, which he wanted to share with us as something positive."

He shared the piece with London’s National Portrait Gallery, which is currently holding a retrospective of his life’s work, in addition to Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Art. Both establishments shared the piece on their respective Instagram pages.

The latter said they were "happy and grateful that the great David Hockney has allowed us to share this poignant and positive message and beautiful spring drawing...".

Prior to the outbreak, Hockney’s work was also exhibited in an exhibition at the Annely Juda Fine Art Gallery, which opened in the same week as the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, both galleries made the decision to close in line with government guidance.

Hockney’s work The Splash sold recently for £23.1 million at auction. This was more than eight times the amount the piece sold for previously in 2006.

His piece Portrait of An Artist (Pool With Two Figures) broke Christie’s auction record, selling for £70 million in 2018.

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Alice Jaspars
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March 26 2020

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