News | Published January 11 2019

Dontyne Systems and TechSimulater reflect on Brexit after government suffer blow

Dontyne Systems and TechSimulater spoke to The Parliamentary Review this week after an amendment tabled by Conservative rebel Dominic Grieve caused a blow to Theresa May’s Brexit plans. The amendment, which was supported by 17 Tory MPs, means that in the result of Theresa May’s deal being rejected by parliament, the cabinet will have just three days to present a “plan B”.

Grieve then called on the prime minister to extend Article 50 today, if her deal is rejected in parliament. Grieve said that UK will need more time to decide its new strategy, with MPs having the chance to vote on how they think negotiations should proceed.

Grieve, who is in favour of a second referendum, said that he felt minister that opposed “no-deal” had a “duty to resign” if May refuses to extend Article 50, something that her spokesperson explained was not an option. Grieve continued: “I think the options are very limited and the reality in my view is that the only way out of this difficulty is go back to the public and ask for their opinion.”

Following the vote, we spoke to Dontyne Systems and TechSimulater who reflected on how they feel Brexit will impact their respective industries. Dontyne Systems' Mike Fish argued that "burdensome red tape" has been to the detriment of their work. "I think we should have gone with No Deal from the start and worked up rather than let Europe deny us at every turn as they were always going to do," he said.

Founder of TechSimulater Khurram Asif reflected on the wide-ranging impact Brexit may have on the technology sector, weighing up the considerable pros and cons. "The withdrawal agreement will not serve the best interests of the UK tech industry, however, it is a start to build a better future agreement that shall foresee the distant future," he concluded.

Authored by

William Winter
January 11 2019

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