News | Published February 08 2019

Drax power station begins carbon capture programme

Drax power station, the largest power plant in the UK, has become the first plant in the world to capture carbon dioxide from wood-burning.

As part of the current trial, it will capture one tonne of CO2 before releasing it into the atmosphere.

The capture of carbon could in theory put climate change into reverse on a small scale, once a sustainable way of storing it becomes clear.

The plant, which is based in West Yorkshire, currently burns around seven million tonnes of wood every year in order to generate electricity, the BBC reported.

It currently generates around six per cent of the power used in the UK.

Drax is the first company to trial such a project but is yet to decide what it will do with the emissions. If they are successful in finding a useful application for the CO2, they could produce up to 10 million tonnes a year.

Chief Executive Will Gardiner said: “Proving this innovative carbon capture technology works is an exciting development and another important milestone in our bioenergy carbon capture and storage project.”

He continued: "Climate change affects us all so this is of real significance – not just for us at Drax, but also for the UK and the rest of the world.”

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William Winter
February 08 2019

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