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Election Coverage: Sheffield Hallam

In the run up to December's General Election, our election correspondent Joshua Sandiford will be creating profiles of key marginal constituencies around the country, combining the key statistics with interviews with the major candidates. This profile focuses on Sheffield Hallam. 

The student-heavy constituency of Sheffield Hallam was previously held by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, who was later defeated by Labour’s Jared O’Mara in one of the biggest upsets of the 2017 General Election

In October 2017, O’Mara was suspended from the Labour party after a series of offensive comments he made surfaced online. 

The Independent MP took time out as he struggled with mental health problems and constituency staff dealt with casework. This has left voters in Sheffield Hallam without proper representation. 

In this election, The Liberal Democrats are the main challengers and former aid worker Laura Gordon is trying to win the seat back. Olivia Blake, a local councillor, will be trying to help Labour retain the seat.

Key Statistics

Region: Yorkshire and the Humber

Former MP: Jared O’Mara

2017 Result:

Labour - 21,881

Liberal Democrats - 19,756

Conservatives - 13,561

Labour majority - 2175

Turnout - 77.6%

Referendum result -

Remain (66%)

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Authored by

Joshua Sandiford
Junior Political Editor
November 21 2019

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