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"Entertainucation" available on app stores soon

This April, Cambridge-based are set to launch History Sprockets, a history quiz game with a twist, aiming to send the online quizzing community into a spin with their first big release.

“'Entertainucation' is the term we coined to describe our first Sprocket app. Entertainment is key, learning and brain training follows," said Matt, one of the firm's game designers.

The game begins; the quest is set. When was the Magna Carta signed? Travelling in your time machine, you search for the chamber of King John’s scribe to find out. You know you have been there before, if only you could remember when. Suddenly you see something familiar. Events whizz past and catch your eye making you stop and turn back. You know you are close: slow down time, look around, see other dates and events of the period. You place your mark and open the time capsule. Are you close enough? Were your instincts correct? Do you get to unlock the next capsule? Will you rise to the challenge and earn the treasure? You move on through the timeline of medieval England making sure you remember places and events. Next time you return, you will know your way and reach your destination faster. Minutes later, you could be visiting the Aztecs, travelling to Graceland, making scientific discoveries, sailing with Columbus or having tea with Queen Victoria.

History Sprockets is a way of combining the fun of playing a quiz with brain training, building a wealth of knowledge with the help of engaging graphics and animations, an innovative quizzing interface, and a captivating time machine narrative. As players explore they build a wealth of historic knowledge and their collection of treasures; they can find the 1966 World Cup ball in British Sports, President Lincoln’s top hat in Famous Americans, or Elizabeth Smith Miller’s bloomers in the History of Undergarments.

You are playing History Sprockets,’s game that redefines the boundaries of quizzing with a fusion of gameplay and memorisation techniques. Players travel along timelines of their choice, varying from Ancient Babylonia to Space Exploration. Placing events on their chosen timeline earns experience points allowing them to collect precious artefacts, rare antiquities, and famous relics from the dawn of time.

Questions are presented in their context, surrounded by related events from around the globe. You can drill into the details of these related events and see how history has unfolded. You will find obvious relationships like the succession of rulers, but also surprising coincidences like Euclid's Elements being published while the Chinese built the Great Wall, or that woolly mammoths still walked the Earth when the Great Pyramid was built in Egypt. You will see when battles were fought, kings were crowned, plays were written, pictures were painted, monuments were built - but also when the world witnessed its first speeding ticket and when the British started eating fish and chips.

Sproc, the delightful robot companion, ensures that every player becomes a master quizzer. With the help of Scintilla’s high throughput machine learning algorithm, he analyses the player’s memory making sure questions and quests are placed in brain friendly ways. His hints link established knowledge with the new areas players are discovering. Once he has ensured you remember 1969 as the date of the first moon landing, he will use it as existing knowledge he can link to. Should he send you to discover when James Watt invented the steam engine and you require a helping hand,he may very well let you know it was exactly 200 years prior. With Sproc’s guidance, forgetting facts quickly becomes a thing of the past.

"At Scintilla, we are passionate about creating a new generation of games that allow our user community to explore and extend their knowledge of the world in high-quality, engaging play that uses AI magic so that players get better faster," said Ernst Kretschmann, one of the firm's founders. 

"Sprockets redefine the meaning of challenge. When they start out as hard questions, the hints and clues will let you explore the historic context and navigate towards the correct answer. But then the game gives you just enough time to all but forget the precise solution before asking you to have another go. Every question challenges you to remember, there is no boredom with questions that are too hard or too easy," Alan Bartlett, another founder, told The Parliamentary Review.

History Sprockets,'s cutting-edge new "entertainucation" app is set to come to app stores in May. The game has been developed with the input of some of the best quizzers in the world -- and it will allow players to test and extend their knowledge about historic events in politics, science, sports, music, literature, trivia and many more topics.

Authored by

The Parliamentary Review

April 06 2020

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