News | Published October 28 2019

EU grants Article 50 extension to January 31 2020

The EU has agreed to extend the deadline to Article 50 until January 31 2020, according to a tweet from European Council president, Donald Tusk.

Tusk said that the EU had granted a “flextension” until January 31, allowing for the UK to leave the bloc before the deadline should parliament approve Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal or endorse no deal.

According to the BBC, included within the draft text of the agreement to delay Article 50 is a written commitment that the EU will not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement for a third time.

The UK was due to leave the bloc on October 31, but Johnson has been forced to comply with the delay, due to the introduction of the so-called Benn Act passed by MPs in September.

The House of Commons will vote later on Monday on the prime minister’s motion for an early general election on December 12, while the Liberal Democrats and the SNP have proposed their own election date of December 9.

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Scott Challinor
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October 28 2019

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