News | Published January 27 2020

EU has greater leverage in UK trade talks, Varadkar says

The Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland has published a report on Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's interview with BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, in which the Irish premier hinted that the EU holds the aces ahead of future trade talks with the UK.

Varadkar talked down the prospect of the UK getting a “piecemeal” deal with the bloc, saying: "When I hear people talk about piecemeal, it sounds a bit like cake and eat. That isn't something that will fly in Europe.”

Varadkar also told Kuenssberg that it will be "difficult" for the EU and UK to finalise a comprehensive trade deal in the 11-month window spanning Brexit day on January 31 to the cut-off point for the transitional period on December 31, adding that an extension may be required.

The full report can be read on the Leaders Council website here.

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William Winter
January 27 2020

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