News | Published November 23 2019

Farage: Brexit Party policies "put ordinary people first"

Speaking in London, Nigel Farage has pledged that the Brexit Party will oversee a “political revolution that puts ordinary people first” should it win December’s general election.

Several political parties have launched their election manifestos this week, however the Brexit Party has decided against drafting one, with Farage instead delivering his policies verbally in a “contract with the people”.

The former UKIP leader went on to say that manifestos were merely a “means of telling people what they want to hear without ever having the genuine desire to implement them.”

The Brexit Party’s plans include reducing the foreign aid budget, introducing a 50,000 per annum cap on permanent immigration and abolishing the House of Lords.

Other abolitions the party will pursue according to Farage include scrapping corporation tax for companies earning below £10,000 per year, axing VAT on fuel bills, ending business rates for shops outside the M25 and scrapping inheritance tax.

Farage has also indicated that he would remove all interest on student loans and look to gradually phase out the BBC TV licence fee.

With the Labour Party having already pledged free broadband for all, Farage has promised to provide a free “base level” of broadband for every home in the country, along with free wi-fi access on all public transport.

He also touched on the environment in his pledges, promising to plant millions of trees to help absorb carbon emissions, prohibit exporting waste abroad to be burned and scrap HS2.

Discussing the party’s key Brexit policy, Farage promised to pursue a “clean break” from all EU institutions and said that his party would “hold Boris Johnson to his word” over leaving the European Union, while Brexit Party MPs would act to "change politics for good” in the House of Commons.

He went on to accuse the Tories of having no real desire to curb immigration, since firms backing the Conservatives rely on it for “cheap labour”.

Farage said: ”We would very much want to get immigration numbers down to what for 60 years were very acceptable and very workable post-war levels.

“Yes, I'm talking around about 50,000 people a year.”

Farage said that a Brexit Party government would use work permits to allow for "flexibility", emphasising the need for differentiation between workers coming into the country for a "time-limited period" and those entering to permanently settle in the UK.

The Brexit Party will stand in 275 constituencies after standing down its candidates in the 317 seats currently held by the Conservatives.

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November 23 2019

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