News | Published November 02 2019

Farage urges Johnson to abandon Brexit deal

Speaking at the launch of the Brexit Party’s election campaign, Nigel Farage has called on Boris Johnson to abandon his Brexit deal in return for Brexit Party candidates stepping aside at the upcoming election.

Urging Johnson to join with him to create a “Leave alliance”, Farage argued that bringing together the Conservatives and the Brexit Party was the “only way” forward.

Underlining his call for Johnson to ditch his deal, Farage warned that if he refused to, the Brexit Party would field candidates in “every single seat” across England, Scotland and Wales.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump phoned into Farage’s LBC show and urged Johnson to join with Farage to create an “unstoppable force.”

Later in the speech, Farage attacked Johnson’s deal as “not Brexit” and called for the prime minister to negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU and set a deadline of July 2020 to get it ratified. 

If an agreement was not reached, Farage argued the UK would then leave on WTO rules, more commonly known as a “no-deal” departure.

Outlining his intention to field candidates if Johnson continues to back his deal, Farage said “The Brexit Party would be the only party standing at these elections that actually represents Brexit.”

Alongside this attack on Johnson’s deal, Farage also criticised Labour’s position, accusing them of a “complete and utter betrayal on Brexit” and warning that the Brexit Party would specifically target Labour seats in the north of England and the Midlands.

Farage said: “So many Labour Leave seats are represented by Remain members of Parliament. We view those constituencies around the country among our top targets.”

According to a poll conducted by Panelbase on the 31st October, the Brexit Party currently stand on 9 per cent with the Conservatives out in front with 40 per cent. 

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George Salmon
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November 02 2019

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