News | Published April 15 2019

Foreign secretary says UK avoiding EU elections is a priority

The UK reaching a deal to leave the EU before the European elections next month is an absolute priority according to Jeremy Hunt today.

The foreign secretary explained that the elections would prove a distraction for activists and campaigners.

Brexit has been delayed until October 31 but the UK can leave earlier if it passes a new deal with the EU in parliament.

Hunt said: "The longer this process goes on, the more damaging it is for us both internally and externally."

Hunt is currently in Japan to discuss Brexit and how it will affect the future relationship between the two countries.

"Businesses need certainty, businesses in the UK as well as Japan need certainty," he said.

As talks continue between Labour and Conservatives, Hunt said that Labour had been "more constructive" than expected.

He added: "We don't know if they are going to work."

During his trip so far Hunt met with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and spoke with students at a high school in Tokyo.

Hunt spent time in Japan in his 20s and tweeted: "Great to be teaching English in Japan again after a 20 year gap."

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William Winter
April 15 2019

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