News | Published September 02 2019

Gauke: Tory MPs risk expulsion

Tory MPs who oppose the government on Brexit policy are to be expelled from the party according to David Gauke, former justice secretary.

Those who vote against no deal will be deselected from the party, according to a senior source from the whips office, whose role is to ensure MPs vote in accordance with their party lines.

During his interview for Radio 4, Gauke stated: "I don't think there seems to be a huge effort to persuade people to support the government this week.”

"They seem quite prepared for a rebellion and then to purge those who support the rebellion from the party."

Cabinet minister, Gavin Williamson, has called for the support of Boris Johnson, “We need to be rallying behind the prime minister, giving him our full and unequivocal support to negotiate the very, very best of deals.”

He reminded Sky News that “We all got elected in 2017 on a clear manifesto commitment to deliver Britain’s exit from the European Union. The prime minster has been abundantly clear, we are going to exit the European Union on October 31.”

Former prime minister and Parliamentary Review gala speaker, Tony Blair, spoke this morning, voicing his concern for the current situation claiming, “What is happening is shocking, is irresponsible and dangerous.” He referred to Brexit as a going “beyond a joke”.

At present the Conservative party has a majority of one, including their agreement with the DUP. If any Tory MP is excluded the Tory party will no longer have a majority.

A general election could take place if two thirds of MPs vote in favour of the motion, due to the Fixed Term Parliament Act, if the prime minster calls for one. A vote of no confidence could also result in an election.

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Alice Jaspars
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September 02 2019

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