News | Published September 03 2019

General election could be called on 14 October, warn number 10 officials

It has been announced by number 10 officials that if Boris Johnson’s government were to lose their bid for a no-deal Brexit, the prime minister could call a general election for 14 October, just over a month away.

Leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, has said that he believes the Labour Party are prepared for the eventuality of a general election.

However, Tony Lloyd, the shadow secretary for Northern Ireland, has stated that Labour would oppose a general election and that they "will not have Boris Johnson dictate the terms of an election that crashes this country out with no deal".

Under Standing Order 24, MPs who have coordinated across party lines to prevent a no-deal Brexit and are expected to present legislation opposing the government’s present plan this afternoon.

The bill would demand the delay of Brexit for a second time, until 31 January, with the hope of MPs approving a new deal, or voting in favour of a no deal exit in the coming months.

The bill has been criticised by Dominic Raab, foreign secretary, who has said it would "create paralysing uncertainty".

He continued that "It's craftily designed to allow serial extensions, it would immediately require the UK to accept any EU conditions, however punitive, however harsh, and regardless of those conditions the price tag for the taxpayer would be £1bn each month".

Former chancellor, Philip Hammond, stated that he believed there was sufficient support for the bill to pass, delaying the UK’s exit date.

He stated that "there will be enough people for us to get this over the line today" and that Boris Johnson was making “no progress” on securing a Brexit deal.

The SNP has said that an autumn election would offer “a fantastic opportunity for the people of Scotland to send a very clear message to Westminster that we should be able to determine our own future”.

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September 03 2019

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