News | Published July 13 2020

Gove defends £705 million investment in Britain's post-Brexit borders, Leaders Council reports

The announcement of a £705 million funding package to help manage Britain’s post-Brexit borders has been defended by cabinet minister Michael Gove, the Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland has reported.

While the Labour Party has accused the government of being unprepared for the country’s departure from the EU customs union after December 31, 2020, Gove insisted that the government had been "laying the groundwork for months".

Labour shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Rachel Reeves, said that the plans were "too little, too late."

Reeves said: "We were promised an oven-ready deal but it looks like the government forgot to turn the oven on.”

In a statement, Gove said: "With or without further agreement with the EU, this £705 million will ensure that the necessary infrastructure, tech and border personnel are in place so that our traders and the border industry are able to manage the changes and seize the opportunities as we lay the foundations for the world's most effective and secure border."

The announcement follows a leaked letter from International Trade Secretary Liz Truss, in which she voiced her concern that the UK was not ready for Brexit.

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Alexander Bridge-Wilkinson
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July 13 2020

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