News | Published March 24 2019

Hammond: Second referendum a "coherent proposition"

Chancellor Philip Hammond said that a second referendum "deserves to be considered" in an interview with Sky News this morning.

Following the "Put it to the people" rally in London yesterday, Hammond was asked which options should be considered going forward.

Hammond said he favoured indicative votes but wanted the option of leaving with no deal and revoking Article 50 removed.

Referring to the possibility of a second referendum, he said: "I'm not sure that there's a majority in parliament in support."

He added: "But it's a coherent proposition and it deserves to be considered along with the other proposals that you've got on the list."

Theresa May wrote a letter to MPs on Friday which put a third meaningful vote on her deal this week in doubt.

But Hammond said: "One way or another, parliament is going to have the opportunity this week to decide what it is in favour of."

He added: "I hope it will take that opportunity - if it can’t get behind the prime minister’s deal - to say clearly and unambiguously what it can get behind."

He questioned whether May will be able to command a majority for her deal but added that any potential alternative will have to be "deliverable".

Hammond also warned that moves to replace Theresa May as prime minister would be unwise as the "stakes are very high".

"To be talking about changing the players on the board frankly is self-indulgent," he said.

The Times reported this morning however, that there are discussions in the cabinet about replacing May with her deputy David Lidington.

The paper spoke to 11 ministers that said they wanted the prime minister replaced.

Lidington's supporters reportedly include Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Sajid Javid.

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March 24 2019

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